A Message from Dr. Murphree to those suffering with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In this month’s fibromyalgia newsletter I hope to clear up some of the confusion associated with my recommended protocols. I know that many of you are familiar with my belief, based on the last 10 years of treating fibromyalgia, that a person must get healthy in order to get well. Now I know this sounds simplistic and that some will simply ignore this rather profound statement. But please realize that most individuals with fibromyalgia have been suffering from the illness for 7 years and have seen an average of 12 different doctors before they ever receive a proper diagnosis. During this time they will have tried dozens of different prescription drugs, which rarely yield long-term results. I know from my experience, with the medical doctors that I employed and worked with, that most of these drugs had side effects that only made things worse in the long run.

Those taking tranquilizers, such as Klonopin, Xanax, Ativan, etc., for anxiety or to help them sleep become addicted to these mind-numbing medications. These medications don’t promote deep restorative sleep and are notorious for causing “fibro fog,” fatigue, and depression. Ambien is a sleep medication that does promote deep restorative sleep. Initially I and the doctors who worked for me were feeling positive about Ambien. Then our patients began having side effects which included flu-like symptoms; achy muscles, joint pain, fatigue, and general lethargy. Some started experiencing short-term memory loss, others simply built up a tolerance to Ambien.

We all know about the disastrous effects associated with Vioxx and other NSAIDS.

Even the American College of Rheumatology concedes that most prescription medications don’t offer long-term relief for the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia.

I, like a lot of physicians, had to learn the hard way through trial and error, that prescription drugs, although helpful in the short term, may cause additional symptoms that are worse than the condition they were prescribed for.

We’ve all become conditioned to want a quick fix. What pill can I take to help me sleep, make my pain go away, stop my IBS, etc. I grew up this way myself. However, there is no magic bullet. There isn’t a drug to correct fibromyalgia. There are simply too many symptoms associated with this illness. And since prescription drugs don’t really cure anything and only cover up the symptoms, fibromyalgia patients are typically taking an average of 8 different drugs. A drug for sleep, a drug for depression, a drug for fatigue, a drug for pain, a drug for IBS, an antacid, and so on. None of these drugs are helping to correct the problems associated with FMS. And all of these drugs can cause side effects and they are also very expensive.

Correcting the Underlying Cause(s) of Fibromyalgia

Over the last 10 years, I’ve found that while patients with fibromyalgia have a variety of symptoms, they all share common biochemical deficiencies that once properly addressed allow even the most stubborn cases of fibromyalgia to improve.

I often receive emails from individuals who’ve either read my books or heard me speak. Many of these folks want to know where to begin? What products do I recommend they take? I tell them that there are four important issues that MUST be addressed. Here they are.

1) The relationship between Low Serotonin and 5HTP

I find that fibromyalgia patients must, first and foremost, focus on restoring their serotonin levels. Why?

Because Serotonin is a brain chemical that:

1. Reduces pain.

2. Boosts moods (it's the happy hormone).

3. Alleviates anxiety.

4. Increases mental sharpness.

5. Corrects irritable bowel syndrome (Most people don't know this but you have more serotonin receptors in your stomach than you do in your brain!)

Serotonin allows a person to go into deep restorative sleep, which then creates more serotonin. However, low serotonin levels cause poor sleep and further loss of serotonin. This creates a vicious cycle of poor sleep, more pain, “fibro fog,” depression, anxiety, and IBS (episodes of diarrhea followed by constipation).

To correct low serotonin levels I recommend patients take 5HTP. 5HTP is an amino acid (a naturally occurring nutrient that makes up a food protein) that is responsible for making serotonin. No one has an Ambien or sleep drug deficiency! Nor do they suffer from an Elavil (antidepressant deficiency) or tranquilizer deficiency. Instead they have a serotonin deficiency. Instead of using a band-aid to cover up the deficiency with the commonly used prescription drugs, they need to go to the source and use the raw ingredients that makes serotonin in the body; that's 5HTP along with B vitamins, vitamin C and magnesium.

This is why I recommend 5HTP and a good multivitamin/mineral formula for all my fibromyalgia patients.

Here is a link to more information about 5HTP and how to get a good high quality supply of it.

2) How Nutritional Deficiencies Cause Big Problems

Along with 5HTP, I recommend a good optimal daily allowance multivitamin/mineral formula. This formula should contain high doses of all the essential vitamins and minerals, amino acids, malic acid, and extra magnesium. These nutrients are all in my CFS/Fibro Formula. Each ingredient, and it’s corresponding dose, is based on 10 years of tracking the research on fibromyalgia; what’s working and what’s not. This special formula is not based on the latest fad, but on scientific studies from the leading medical journals.

Recently there has been quite a bit of news coverage about the use of intravenous (IV) vitamin and mineral therapy for the treatment of fibromyalgia. I used IV vitamin/mineral therapy in my clinic for a number of years, long before it became popular. I even taught other doctors how to use this therapy. However, I eventually came to realize that IV vitamin/mineral therapy while incredibly helpful, is impractical, expensive and is not as effective as taking a taking a good optimal daily allowance multivitamin/mineral formula. I developed the CFS/Fibro Formula several years ago to go along with the IV therapy. I’ve found that my patient’s do just as well taking the CFS/Fibro Formula as they did getting a weekly vitamin/mineral IV treatment.

Click here for more information on my CFS/Fibro Formula (an exceptional mulitivitamin/mineral formula) and how to get it.

3) About the Digestive Enzymes

Many of my patients have become deficient in digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes help us breakdown our food into essential nutrients. When a person depletes their digestive enzymes they may experience bloating, gas, indigestion, IBS, and/or heartburn. Many will begin taking an antacid, H2 inhibitors (Zantac) or proton pump inhibitor (Prevacid). But no one has an antacid deficiency, instead they’re deficient in digestive enzymes. Prescription antacids and proton pump inhibitors can be helpful for severe heart burn, but they can also cause nutritional deficiencies. These medications block the absorption of zinc, folic acid, B12, calcium, and iron. A deficiency of any one of these nutrients can create fatigue, brain fog, poor immune function, and depression.

I encourage my patients to stay on these medications if needed. However, I also have them take digestive enzymes to make sure they’re absorbing the nutrients in their food and the supplements they’re taking.

Click here for a good high quality source of digestive enzymes

4) About Adrenal Fatigue

Underactive adrenal glands are evident in about two-thirds of my CFS and fibromyalgia patients. In fact, the majority of patients I see for chronic illnesses, including FMS and CFS, are suffering from it. They have literally burned their stress-monitoring organ out. After years of poor sleep, unrelenting fatigue, chronic pain, excessive stimulants, poor diet, and relying on a plethora of prescription medications, the adrenal glands and the hormones they release have been used up. This is adrenal exhaustion (hypodrenia).

Once adrenal exhaustion sets in, it’s not long before the body begins to break down. Getting “stressed out” and staying “stressed out” is the beginning of chronic illness for most, if not all, of the FMS and CFS patients I evaluate.

Therefore, restoring proper adrenal function is a crucial step in peeling away the layers of dysfunction associated with FMS and CFS. I believe that adrenal fatigue (hypoadrenia) is a major contributory factor to the symptoms associated with FMS and CFS. Until the adrenal glands are restored to optimal levels, individuals with fibromyalgia will continue to have problems with crashing after "overdoing it." Oßnce my patients start sleeping through the night and getting some of their old energy back by taking the CFS/Fibro Formula, they have a tendency to get excited and overdo it. If they don’t repair their fatigued adrenal glands, they’ll have repeated ups and downs; a good burst of energy, overdoing it, and several days of being wiped out. This is why I recommend the adrenal cortex supplement for most of my fibromyalgia patients.

Putting it all together - The "Jump Start Package," 4 answers to the 4 important issues mentioned above.

These are the same 4 products that I've found essential and use with 99% of my Fibro and CFS patients. These 4 products promote deep restorative sleep, reduce pain, inflammation, depression, and anxiety. They are essential in restoring the body's own self-healing mechanisms as discussed in my books.

The Jump Start Package

1) 5HTP promotes deep restorative sleep. 5HTP makes serotonin which reduces pain, mental fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Normalizing serotonin levels with 5HTP usually stops IBS symptoms and diarrhea in one day, and constipation within the next 2 weeks.

2) The CFS/Fibro Formula is loaded with high doses of the essential nutrients - including all the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, malic acid, and extra magnesium (680mg). This formula contains all the high dose vitamins and minerals based on The Optimal Daily Allowance (not the minimum) according to Orthomolecular Medicine. This formula contains amino acids. Amino acids make our brain chemicals and help restore normal brain function, increase mental clarity, reduce depression, anxiety, and fatigue. This formula also contains essential fatty acids (EFAs) which reduce pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, allowing brain cells to communicate with one another, increase mental clarity, and boost energy.

3) The Adrenal Cortex helps boost energy, mental clarity, and moods. It is a must in restoring normal stress coping stamina and resistance. Adrenal Cortex increases drive, ambition, and stamina. It helps prevent to classic crash from "overdoing it" syndrome.

4) Digestive Enzymes help stop the bloating, gas, and indigestion that go along with Fibromyalgia and CFS. These enzymes break down foods and make sure what we eat turns into the essential nutrients the body cans use. It also prevents any problems with digesting the fish oil in the CFS/Fibro Formula packs.

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